Jam for Japan på söndag 27 mars 2011

Jam for Japan on USTREAM: This is a charity show played in Stockholm, Sweden where many musicians are giving their time up to collect money to send to Japa….

Livesändning på webben mellan klockan 15.00 – 18.00


Although Japan aren’t begging for money right now, the Red Cross in Japan have a massive project on right now and they need money.

Come down to the jam session where you’ll be able to enjoy some great music played by some well known artists and some great unknowns, have a drink and a bag of crisps and join us in collecting as much money as we can muster for the poor thousands who have experienced and been affected by this horrendous catastrophe.

We are proud and indeed honored to have Ms. Hitomi Saito from the Japanese embassy join us for the jam.

JAM FOR JAPAN – A list of artists will be updated as the week goes on.

List so far:

MC – Tony Walter
Steve Wadidiz Morris – Percussion
Björn Gideonsson – drums
Yaiya – Vocals
Peter Frej- Bass
Jesper Öberg – Guitar/vocals
Benny Ferander – Guitar
Andy Magee – Mandolin
Brian Kramer – Guitar/vocals
Toby Brett – Guitar
Göran Larsson – Guitar/Vocals
Michael Areklew – Guitar
Daniel Ramsten – Bass
Roland Friberg – Harmonica
Vivien Searcy – Vocals
Quint Starkey – Guitar/vocals
Calle Drugge – Percussion
Cabaret Mest Up – special guest!
Anders Andersson – Guitar/Vocals
Josh Thorne – Drums/vocals
John Chapman – Sax
Joy Roberts – Vocals
Per – Trumpet
Tim Earle – Harmonica
Wolfgang Schuchardt – Bass
Roger Brett – Drums/vocals
Magnus Ahlström – Vocals

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